A Project A Day

***Please pardon the wonky line spacing of late. Can't seem to fix it.***

I set a goal for myself to start (and finish!) one home project a day this week. Breaking it down to one project and one day really helped me from feeling overwhelmed by the LONG list of stuff I'd like to tackle this summer. So, without further ado, here's what I accomplished (and please forgive my poor photography skills)...

Monday: Turn these bifold closet doors in the craft/playroom...

...into this giant chalkboard!

Tuesday: {okay, I cheated a little bit here. I counted rehanging those doors as a project. I didn't feel too guilty about it as it was a far more daunting task than I had originally expected.}

Wednesday: I finally painted the cabinets in my laundry room. I had some paint leftover from painting my front door last summer. To make up for Tuesday's laziness, I actually rehung the doors before considering this project complete. Although if you want to get super technical about it, I need to drill holes for my new knobs (cute orange glass Anthropologie knobs via Wall's).

Thursday: The easiest project of all was to hang these cute handpainted vintage plates in my kitchen. I should have taken a closer shot of them. It's a couple named Charles and Betty. I found them at one of my favorite thrift stores in Tulsa for 79 cents each!

Friday: I have recently discovered the joys of Pinterest and repinned a fabulous pic of a magnetized board for displaying makeup and decided to tweak the general idea a bit by hanging the Ikea magnetic knife strip I've had for a few months now. My makeup routine is pretty basic so I just have a few compacts of powder, blush, and eye shadow but they just litter my teeny tiny vanity area. After hanging the knife strip vertically I glued magnets to the back of each compact, slapped them on the strip and voila! Genius...

With the relative success of this week's projects (and the satisfaction that comes with crossing stuff off my list) I think I may just continue this new not-so-procrastinating version of myself next week. Wish me luck!


Hot Wheels

Last Monday (Memorial Day) I headed out to Arbuckle Lake to celebrate Robin's birthday and Chris graciously offered to watch Little Miss M for the day. At 3:10 I got a picture text entitled "Wild Hog." When I opened it I discovered that he had stripped M's bike of its training wheels earlier in the day and she had mastered the art of riding sans training wheels! Woohoo!


Dance Fever

A couple of weeks ago my family (and Chris!) and I had the distinct pleasure of attending Little Miss M's very first dance recital. This first photo is from the dress rehearsal a few nights beforehand. We were supposed to cover her costume up and this is the best I could do:

It was at the dress rehearsal where I realized that updos, glitter hairspray, caked on makeup, and spray tans aren't just for the TLC show "Toddlers and Tiaras." So on Saturday we jazzed it up a bit with a little:


poufy hair

and a dash of diva attitude!

Their costumes were probably my second favorite. I like how classic they look. A bit of a Spanish vibe, no? My favorite, without a doubt, were these adorable sequined sailor outfits. Complete with little white hats! Wish I had snapped a pic of a cutie in that class...alas.

First up was her class's tap dance (she's in the back right corner):

After the intermission we waited for her ballet routine (same position. She's the one who takes a little tumble at the beginning. Gotta admire her for getting right back up!).

Afterwards she was showered with real flowers, candy flowers, and a tiara by all her adoring fans!

Then we all went to Pink Swirl where she indulged herself with her standard chocolate yogurt topped with Skittles, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and gummy bears! Errr....yum? It was so wonderful to enjoy an afternoon with my family (9 of them traveled from Stillwater, Tulsa, and Texas) and this "fablious" (in her own words) five year old!


Little Miss M-ese

I've been keeping a running list of her latest and greatest mispronounced words...

Oak mill - oatmeal
Patcherbob - Pastor Bob
Bullish dog - English Bulldog
Okiemogie - the place where Papa Gene lives (Okmulgee)
Hoka City - OKC
Swamp - Wasp
Weenie - Twinkie
Scare - Stare (as is in, "Don't scare at me. It's rude to scare at people.")


Old School

So I finally got a scanner and had some laughs adding these to my digital gallery. Here I am in all my glory dorky.

1st grade
2nd grade
(a cleavage problem even then...)
4th grade
5th grade
(don't be jealous of my Tina Turner perm gone wrong)
6th grade
(can you say "Awkward?")
7th grade
8th grade


Happy Valentine's Day, Lovies!

Here's my funny Valentine:
For her gifties to her classmates we joined the "take-a-pic-and-shove-a-lollipop-in-it" movement of last year:

Hope you have a wonderful day

with your loved ones!


What M Wore

So there are tons of blogs out there that do a regular WIW ("What I Wore") post. I won't be modeling any of my outfits anytime soon but Little Miss M has taken to assembling her own outfits as of late. While I'm not brave enough to send her to school in some of her ensembles, I do enjoy snapping a pic of some of her more, er, interesting outfits. Here are some from the archives. Most people include the brands of clothing they wear and/or where they bought said items. Perhaps this will be a regular feature here at PCP (great, the initials of my blog are also a drug).
I asked M to describe each outfit and her quotes are below each photo.
"Fancy. Beautiful. Because I think it's so great and beautiful."
shirt - Old Navy (garage sale)
leopard print skirt - The Children's Place (thrifted)
knee high socks - Target
slouchy boots - Ross
"She's so Fancy Nancy and lovely and pretty and beautiful, like a sunshine."
striped cardigan - Cherokee (thrifted)
tank top - Mossimo (thrifted)
red polka dot skirt - gift from her grandparents
red Dorothy shoes - Target

"I love these shoes and skirt."
pink cardigan - Circo (thrifted)
froggie tank top - Sonoma (thrifted)
skirt - Janie and Jack (JBF consignment sale)
knee socks - Target
red shoes - Target
"I would wear this to church."
embroidered hoodie - Old Navy (thrifted)
gray/pink leggings - Faded Glory (thrifted)
rainbow knee socks - (thrifted)
deck shoes - Faded Glory (thrifted)
It seems kind of silly for me to write where I bought her clothes since about 85% of her wardrobe is obtained at thrift stores and garage sales. I rarely pay more than $3 for any particular piece of clothing unless it is super stinking cute (not to be confused with super stinky!) and usually keep it to less than $1.50 an item. The sad thing is that because I feel like I'm getting such a great bargain I tend to buy too much stuff. The other day I counted the clothing hanging in her closet and there were 104 items. And there's still all the stuff in her dresser! I know I need to pare down. The whole 80/20 rule applies to 5-year-olds too. She has her favorite pieces of clothing that she would wear every week if they were clean. I guess that's one good thing about the abundance of clothing in our house...we can stretch laundry day waaaaay out.
My name is Courtney and I'm a shopaholic.